Captain's Log, Day 90, 2017


Day 90, The Port of Nashville Tennessee, careening vessel in preparation for journey to Panama City, Florida on Oct 6. ... My crew narrowly saved me from steering our brigantine in entirely the wrong direction. I’d been studying my palindromes (starting with “A man, a plan, a canal, Panama” through “We panic in a pew”), getting ready for some tugboat diplomacy, writing isthmus cards, and shouting “Bully!” port and starboard, when the crew informed me that we were to sail to Panama City Beach FLORIDA, not the country, for the Pirates of the High Seas Festival on Oct. 7 & 8. Imagine my delight in learning that instead of shipping containers we’d be greeted by beaches, a parade, and pirate brethren and sisthren from all over. Now it’s back to “ARRR loudly and carry a big guitarrr.”