1. Pirate Song

From the recording Pirate Song

From the CD "Pirate Party" by Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers. Tom Mason guitar, mandolin, accordion, vocals; Jeff Thorneycroft bass, vocals; Pete Pulkrabek drums, vocals; Leandria Lott violin, vocals.


Come splice the mainbrace me hearties, you fools You'll soon be the dinner for bloodthirsty schools I won't be hornswaggled so don't even try The life that you've chosen you'll never be dry You're a scallywag blaggard come share me some grog You'll wear a hempen halter as you swing from the log So heave to and say a few prayers as you drink It's to Davy Jone's locker you surely will sink Chorus: And we'll all go down, We'll all go down, We'll all go down with the ship! A clap of thunder me matey drink it on down There's danger ahead you'll be needing this round Guzzle that grog you lasses and lads Say goodbye to the landlocked lives that you had Forty-five fathoms or further you'll go You'll be salmagundi for the fish down below But don't hang your jib let the drinking begin Heave to and sail three sheets to thewind