From the recording Chano Pozo's Shoes

The true story of Chano Pozo, reputedly one of the best percussionists of all time. He introduced Afro Cuban rhythms to Dizzy Gillespie, and made quite a mark before his untimely death in 1947. " A few years back I was in Door County, Wisconsin playing with my friend Cat Braaten and staying with our friend Paul, and after a particularly fun show I was wide awake in the middle of the night and took Marshall Stearns' History of Jazz down from a shelf, saw Chano's photo and read his tale, and started the song." TM Tom Mason: vocals, guitar Pru Clearwater: vocals Jen Gunderman: piano, percussion Jim Gray: bass, percussion Mark Horn: drums, percussion Martin Lynds: percussion, drums


CHANO POZO’S SHOES Zoot suit the color of wine A bullet in the base of his spine In Havana he’d lost his head His royalties were paid in a shower of lead Now it hurts too much to sit down But he can play like Diablo on a bebop song Chano Pozo’s Shoes Chano Pozo’s Shoes We’re all wearing Chano Pozo’s Shoes In ’47 in Dizzy’s band He had the whole rhythm section in the palm of his hand Carnegie Hall baby I was there It was SRO not a soul in their chair A sharp-dressed Cuban with a temper of heat Seven rhythms going in his hands and feet The city morgue on a gurney bed Chano Pozo is lying dead Shot by a bookie for a debt unpaid From a Harlem bar to an early grave The coroner found in his wingtips’ soles Seven grand in a tight little roll © Tom Mason, Gas Station Music BMI