1. Tattooed Hand

From the recording Tattooed Hand

The mythology of pirates was just as  romantic in the early 18th century, and one story that became popular was that of the pirate Henry Avery falling in love with a slave from his biggest prize, the mogul ship Ganj-i- sawai. 


Tattooed Hand
Come aboard my precious angel
Your ship is burning your master’s dead
You’ll fear no more in my quarters
You will know love in this Captain’s bed
Though I am but to you a stranger
Speaking words you don’t understand
You’ll have a life far from this danger
And a stolen ring for your tattooed hand
I know to you I’m a Western Devil
You see your future engulfed in flames
But your eyes will teach me compassion
And with your touch I will be tamed
You and I were not born to fortune
To survive we do what we can
So come with me and I will give you 
A stolen ring for your tattooed hand
From your family you were once taken
And by me you’ll been taken now
But this time you won’t be forsaken
I’ll give you all that my life allows
What you see may not look like safety
And although I’m a dangerous man
I will promise a life of wonder
In the palm of your tattooed hand