1. Pirate Polka

From the recording Pirate Polka

Finding there to be a dearth of pirate polkas, we took it upon ourselves to rescue the world from such scarcity, with this aptly named "Pirate Polka". 


The pirates they raided a German craft
Filled up with lager from fore to aft
At the bloodthirsty pirates the Germans laughed
They were doing the Pirate Polka
The Germans were such a delightful mess
One had a piano he wore on his chest
With joyous noise the buccaneers were blessed
Doing the pirate polka
With hunger the pirates were fearfully fraught
They perused the provisions of the Germans they caught
Who gallantly rolled out a barrel of brats
Food for the pirate polka
After the pirate had eagerly dined 
They were beckoned to the deck by pretty Fräuleins
Who all had but one thing on their mind
To do the pirate polka
 From thievery the pirates this one time abstained
With a smile the Germans said ARRf Wiedersehen
The pirates all answered danke schön
For doing the pirate polka