From the recording Decked Out Like The Devil

Inspired by Blackbeard, the showman of pirates!


Decked out like the Devil
I’ll weave my hair with fuses and fill the air with sparks
They’ll faint from fear or volunteer to be the food of sharks
A little chunk of coal  to darken up our face   
A little black around the eyes to put them in their place
In our velvet coats we'll slit the throats of those who won't appease
Decked out like the Devil      Beelzebub at sea
We’ll don our shirts of tafetta      barely blood-stained 
Ripped from  Danish dandies we overtook in the Spanish Main
An oceanic scepter festooned with a shrunken head
A Satanic sword pointed toward Neptune's nearly dead 
With our smiling Skull and Crossbones waving in the breeze
We’ll be Decked out like the Devil  Beelzebub at sea
The waistcoat of a slaver we maimed at Martinique 
We  rewarded his behavior with a slash across the cheek
A set of Pistols blazing that we stole from the Spanish fleet 
That flotilla  floated to the floor of the coral reef 
With diamond encrusted cutlasses Pillaged from the Portuguese
We’ll be Decked out like the Devil  Beelzebub at sea
Beelzebubble Toil and trouble the bubble becomes a wave
Like a hurricane from hell we’ll send them to their watery grave