Captain's Blog Day 81


Day 81: the Port of Nashville. I awoke from a dream, a strange sensation that for an entire day the world was speaking my language. Having always worn the garments of an outcast and misfit it was quite peculiar and (truthfully pleasant!) to hear the sounds of "ahoy" and "arrr" and "I'll cleave your skull asunder" as I sauntered the streets of our city. They were calling it "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and I had a vision that an entire crowd joined us on Tuesday and celebrated heartily. I must tell the crew of this curious chimera! In this dream I was taken to a place of wizardry where my image was sent into the heavens by means of a large iron disc. I tried to no avail to locate my spirit in this great white bowl. .
. Soon we will sail down the Harpeth River to perform this Saturday and Sunday at the Pilgrimage Festival near the village of Franklin. I will share me dream with me old buckos at the Pilgrimage (Ralph's World, Justin Timberlake, and other soothsayers), and perhaps they'll unravel that mystery, and tell me how that picture throwing disc cannon works.