Day 759… Outskirts of the village of Eagle River in County Vilas, territory of Wisconsin

Day 759… Outskirts of the village of Eagle River in County Vilas, territory of Wisconsin. We departed from the Island of Madeline after two raids, one very successful (in the village park), and the second a little less so due to a deluge that threatened to divide us from our devoted crew. Methinks Zeus, the god of rain, had intentions of protection when he heard we were playing at Tom’s Burned Down Cafe and sent a torrent down in the precise moments of our performance to ward off a possible reoccurrence of the eponymous fire. Though gleeful patrons and comrades did dance merrily in the rain (this tavern is frugal in regard to roofing), our wares had to be hidden from the elements. As if to confirm our suspicions of Zeus’ misguided benevolence, we were welcomed by a cloudlessly starry sky as we loaded drenched guitars and drums into our ship at the end of the evening.
The next morning we boarded the SS River Rock, a Great Lakes whaling vessel, to make our way to Eagle River, the site of our next raid. (See attached painting.) We arrived safely at the Pirates Hideaway for our Saturday night raid, a raging success due to a plethora of piratical partiers. The competition in the “Pirate Polka” has never been so fierce as here in the north woods of Wisconsin!
This morning, on the second of two days off after long travels, the gods once again proved themselves to be benevolent, choosing this day to puncture the pneumatic tube on our supply dinghy. Lo, that it had happened on a day we had to sail a great distance!
Tuesday we make a long trip for a brief visit to Fish Creek in the County Door, returning to Eagle River for Thursday night’s street dance. The wondrous plundering continues!