International Pirate Hall of Fame

I just got the incredible news that I've been inducted into The International Pirate Hall of Fame, a non-profit organization honoring and paying tribute to Pirates and Pirate related performers, authors, and others from the Golden Age of Piracy up until today. It's quite an honor to have been one of ten chosen from over 500 nominees for 2023. Inductees from previous years include Robert Louis Stevenson, Bartholomew Roberts, Errol Flynn, Robert Newton, Johnny Depp, and Blackbeard. I am so grateful to the International Pirate Hall of Fame and to the pirate community for this recognition. 

KUMBAYARRRR!  Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers have been playing for a dozen years.  I've been singing these songs for a long time and now it's YOUR turn! I've created an illustrated songbook of 22 of the most sing-along-able Blue Buccaneers songs, three traditional sea shanties from the CD "Pirate Party", and two of of my most requested non-pirate songs, "I Thought I Heard a Train" and "I Don't Want the Night to End". Each song has the lyrics, melody, and chords, and there are over a dozen illustrations begging to be colored in. All the songs from our children's CD (no rum or murder) and many of our all-ages CDs (plenty of rum and murder) are included.

    When I was a kid every summer my family would go to the lake cottage my grandfather built in the 1920's. There was no television, so for entertainment we'd gather around the fireplace and have sing-alongs, reading out of folk songbooks and playing guitars and ukuleles. It was great, a tradition I'd wish on any family. 

   If you have a big family, buy a few!  Thank ye all! 

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While we purport to be pirates, we seldom engage in actual criminal acts, and often survive be the generosity of others. With the advent of people streaming our music for next to nothing, it has become difficult to survive as artists. Here is your chance to invest in us, to be a patron of the arts, by means of a virtual tip jar. Thanks in advance!

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Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers had a fantastic time at the Minnesota State Fair! We can't wait for next time!

I had the most marvelous time during my UK tour in May. We met the kindest most welcoming people and connected with old friends. Pictures to come!

New Tom Mason Solo Instrumental CD:

Slide Guitar Meditations- Tom Mason Voyages

"Sail Again", the new CD from Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers, is available now!

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What You Will: Songs from William Shakespeare's 12th Night
Tom Mason Poster Collection

We had a fantastic time at the Tennessee Pirate Festival and at the Gathering of the Sails in Des Moines Iowa in May. (Photos by Trent Eades)

Pirate Party CD

Here's "Little Elvis, King of the Elves" the first video from "Under a Mistletoe Sky". Share away!

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