Captain's Log Day 79

Day 79: I have been summoned once again to appear on the sorcerer's box, which they claim will project me image into homes across the village of Nashville and surrounding bergs. I am to appear between the hours of 11…

Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad Norway 2014

ARRRR!! We had a wonderful time at Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad 2014 in Norway!   The British Blue Buccaneers (Pete McLeod and Tracey Bearmore) and I arrived on Friday 11 July on the island if Isegran and were greeted by our

Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival 2014




   Once again we had a roaring time at the big Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival in Fort Walton Beach Florida.  We had a conga line and  some great sing-alongs, and the weather was perfect!


The wonderful crew that organize the festival

Pirates of the Carrabellean!!

We had a most successful raid on the Pirates of the Carrabellean Festival, AKA the Carrabelle Riverfront festival. So successful, in fact, the mayor gave us the key to the city! (Rumor has it the locks were changed immediately!) 



Happy New Year!

Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers are getting shipshape for a wonderful 2014! We're booking festivals through the year, including a two month tour of the United Kingdom and Europe lasting from mid-June to mid-August. Check our calendar frequently for…


Ireland Shows Kilkenny and Tramore

Well blow me down, I seem to have forgotten to put down the guitar and pick up camera to take pictures of my musical engagements. Well, the interiors of these establishments are even better than the exteriors. Thursday night Tony…

Shed shopping in Ireland 2

In my continuing search for a tool shed for my Shelby Park Estate I came across this fixer-upper in Kilkenny on the banks of the River Nore in Ireland. granted, it may be a little spacious for the lawnmower and…


Shed Shopping in Ireland

While in Ireland I'm researching designs for a toolshed, somewhere to keep my lawnmower, bicycles, and weed-whacker in East Nashville. Here are two possibilities. The first is a nice little norman number in Ballyhack in County Wexford, perhaps a…


Captain's Blog, February 1717

What is this strange place? Why has my crew marooned me here with only a musket and a fishhook? Will I ever see The village of French Lick again? 

Day 8. Still no sign of other humans. Wasted only bullet…