Salmagundi: A Tom Mason Anthology - CD

Ladies and Gentlemen!! Here's an anthology from earlier out-of-print CD’s  made for my upcoming tour, called “Salmagundi”. Included on the jacket are the words and chords to “I Thought I Heard a Train” and “I Don’t Want the Night to End”. (Sing and play along!) The other songs are: Ramblin', Chano Pozo's Shoes, In My Dreams,  Stealing Stars From the Sky, Good Driver,  Watchman Tell Us of the Night, Painkiller, The World is Drunk, A Good Year to You. It will be available  soon at CDBaby and on iTunes, and right here right now! (Orders made between April 22 and May 26 will be filled at the end of May) 


Salmagundi-A Tom Mason Anthology