If You Want to be a Pirate - Songs for Young Buccaneers

New CD!!

"If You Want to be a Pirate" 


We have a new CD, written with young pirates in mind, entitled 

"If You Want to be a Pirate".

We set out to write a kids CD that adults would appreciate, so it's full of humor, harmonies, stories, and solos, with all the mayhem and none of rum, murder, and sorrow that sometimes shows up in our songs. There are sing-alongs and dance moves, songs about a kraken, parrot, and an invisible crew (everyone needs one!), and a song or two about keeping the ocean and land clean.


It will soon be available for downloads in all the usual places, but you can order it here and now, and we'll include a sticker and tattoo when we mail it. 

If You Want to be a Pirate CD





A Musical Treasure Chest!!




 For those new to the Blue Buccaneers, we have a special deal! Buy all five Blue Buccaneers CD's (The Blue Buccaneer, A Pirate's Christmas, The World is Ablaze,  Pirate Party, and If You Want to Be a Pirate) for just $60!  ($70  outside the US).







Blue Buccaneers Treasure Chest: 5 CD's




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While we purport to be pirates, we seldom engage in actual criminal acts, and often survive be the generosity of others. With the advent of people streaming our music for next to nothing, it has become difficult to survive as artists. Here is your change to invest in us, to be a patron of the arts, by means of a virtual tip jar. Thanks in advance!

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