A Pirate's Christmas

Ahoy me hearties!!! We have a new holiday CD, “A Pirate’s Christmas”,!!!! We can guarantee that it’s the best pirate Christmas CD in your collection! There are eleven sprightly tracks, opening with the piratical retelling of the night before Christmas “Yo Ho Ho (a Pirate’s Christmas)”. There are two more new seafaring holiday classics, “A Good Year To You” and “It’s Christmas Day”, three swashbucklingly groovy instrumental takes on old carols, and five old favorites re-imagined as the holidays on the high seas. Among the buccaneers appearing on the CD are Michael Supe Granda, Michael Webb, Craig Wright, Joe “Hot Rods” Luoma, David Weeks Wynne, Ric Lee, Bronwyn Davies Mason, Jacob Briggs, Matt Butcher, Pru Clearwater, Sheila Lawrence, and Nate Dungan. We’ll start sending the CD’s out on Black Friday, November 23, and we’re offering major discounts for multiple copies for gifts. ( 2 for $25, 5 for $50, 11 for $100, shipping included). If you don’t have the first pirate CD, you can purchase “The Blue Buccaneer” and “A Pirate’s Christmas” for $25. You can purchase through Paypal on this web site (recommended), or send checks to P.O. Box 24456, Nashville, TN 37202, though due to our touring schedule Paypal purchases will be filled more swiftly. “A Pirate’s Christmas” will also be available soon for purchase and for downloads at CDBaby (http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TomMason) and at iTunes.


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