If You Want to be a Pirate - Songs for Young Buccaneers

New CD!!

"If You Want to be a Pirate" 


We have a new CD, written with young pirates in mind, entitled 

"If You Want to be a Pirate".

We set out to write a kids CD that adults would appreciate, so it's full of humor, harmonies, stories, and solos, with all the mayhem and none of rum, murder, and sorrow that sometimes shows up in our songs. There are sing-alongs and dance moves, songs about a kraken, parrot, and an invisible crew (everyone needs one!), and a song or two about keeping the ocean and land clean.


It will soon be available for downloads in all the usual places, but you can order it here and now, and we'll include a sticker and tattoo when we mail it. 

If You Want to be a Pirate CD





A Musical Treasure Chest!!




 For those new to the Blue Buccaneers, we have a special deal! Buy all five Blue Buccaneers CD's (The Blue Buccaneer, A Pirate's Christmas, The World is Ablaze,  Pirate Party, and If You Want to Be a Pirate) for just $60!  ($70  outside the US).







Blue Buccaneers Treasure Chest: 5 CD's




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While we purport to be pirates, we seldom engage in actual criminal acts, and often survive be the generosity of others. With the advent of people streaming our music for next to nothing, it has become difficult to survive as artists. Here is your change to invest in us, to be a patron of the arts, by means of a virtual tip jar. Thanks in advance!

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The new CD "Pirate Party" is available now! - Pirate Party



"Pirate Party", the new CD, has arrived!  13 sea shanties you can dance to, classic pirate songs for singing and swinging, not necessarily from the gallows.        Will plunders never cease!! Based in the unlikely port of Nashville Tennessee, world traveling pirates Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers are ready to celebrate on their fourth CD, Pirate Party. On this totally uptempo collection they veer from their own material to classic sea shanties, this time with a beat. ""Blow The Man Down" is flavored with a New Orleans groove, "Drunken Sailor" gets a Bo Diddley beat suitable for a mambo line, "All For Me Grog" has a bit of bluesy shuffle, and "Haul Away Joe" just plain rocks. There are some fiddle tunes spiced up with slide guitar and big beats, some new recordings of Blue Buccaneer favorites, and the first appearance on CD of "Talk Like a Pirate", our anthem written with John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur, co-creator of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. There's what may be the first pirate polka, and the weep in your rum classic Wild Mountain Thyme. The perfect soundtrack to your Pirate Party, drenched with fiddle, slide guitar, bass, drums, and a brigantine of sing-alongs.

Order here:   

Pirate Party CD


The World Is Ablaze CD



We're very excited about "The World is Ablaze". The new songs were written and arranged knowing that pirates sailed around the world and their crews were international, and the music would reflect that. There are songs suitable for twirling fire, belly dancing, and of course, hoisting the glass and singing along. We've added African drums, Indian tablas, and Scottish bagpipes to our music.   The cover was done by our mighty bass player and artist extraordinaire Jeff Thorneycroft.  You can listen to samples on our music page. The CD is also available on iTunes and at www.cdbaby.com/cd/tommasonandthebluebuccan3 Order now:  

The World is Ablaze CD

The Blue Buccaneer - CD

The  CD "The Blue Buccaneer- Songs Inspired by the Golden Age of Pirates" will take you to a tavern in Port Royal at the beginning of the 18th century.

“his pirate songs  have choruses that the audience can bellow along with, the best way to enjoy pirate music”  

John Baur, co-creator of “Talk Like a Pirate Day”

“a great album from start to finish”  “a joyous album in the same way that the Pogues music is with its sense of community and the living of life to the full”.    “as much fun as it is musically compelling”

Steve Rapid, lonesomehighway.com


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A Pirate's Christmas

Ahoy me hearties!!! We have a new holiday CD, “A Pirate’s Christmas”,!!!! We can guarantee that it’s the best pirate Christmas CD in your collection! There are eleven sprightly tracks, opening with the piratical retelling of the night before Christmas “Yo Ho Ho (a Pirate’s Christmas)”. There are two more new seafaring holiday classics, “A Good Year To You” and “It’s Christmas Day”, three swashbucklingly groovy instrumental takes on old carols, and five old favorites re-imagined as the holidays on the high seas. Among the buccaneers appearing on the CD are Michael Supe Granda, Michael Webb, Craig Wright, Joe “Hot Rods” Luoma, David Weeks Wynne, Ric Lee, Bronwyn Davies Mason, Jacob Briggs, Matt Butcher, Pru Clearwater, Sheila Lawrence, and Nate Dungan. We’ll start sending the CD’s out on Black Friday, November 23, and we’re offering major discounts for multiple copies for gifts. ( 2 for $25, 5 for $50, 11 for $100, shipping included). If you don’t have the first pirate CD, you can purchase “The Blue Buccaneer” and “A Pirate’s Christmas” for $25. You can purchase through Paypal on this web site (recommended), or send checks to P.O. Box 24456, Nashville, TN 37202, though due to our touring schedule Paypal purchases will be filled more swiftly. “A Pirate’s Christmas” will also be available soon for purchase and for downloads at CDBaby (http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TomMason) and at iTunes.


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New Gray T-shirts in both men's and women's sizes!!

New Gray T-shirts in both men's and women's sizes!!


We have a new design and for the first time are selling women's t-shirts. Huzzah!  Here is our spokesmodel in the new T



men’s grey tshirt code


Children's T-shirts!

We now have children's T-shirts, and are doing our best to corrupt the youth of today! Girl's in bondi blue and boy's in midnight blue.




Child's T-shirt boy's
Child's T-shirt girl's

Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers Baseball Shirts!!

Batter up!! We've decided to harken back to the early days of baseball on pirate ships, a sport which fell out of favor due to the limited size of diamonds on deck and the constant loss of baseballs in the outfield,  aka the briny deep. Relive those glory days in these fine garments, mostly grey and black, with a few red and black available for the women. (please specify). 





Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers T-shirts!


Of course we still have the old faithful black T's good, for all our buckos!  Our beautiful spokesmodel is wearing a fine Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers t-shirt available in sizes ranging from youth medium (perfect for the powder monkeys!) to double extra LARRRRRRge! 



Salmagundi: A Tom Mason Anthology - CD

Ladies and Gentlemen!! Here's an anthology from earlier out-of-print CD’s  made for my upcoming tour, called “Salmagundi”. Included on the jacket are the words and chords to “I Thought I Heard a Train” and “I Don’t Want the Night to End”. (Sing and play along!) The other songs are: Ramblin', Chano Pozo's Shoes, In My Dreams,  Stealing Stars From the Sky, Good Driver,  Watchman Tell Us of the Night, Painkiller, The World is Drunk, A Good Year to You. It will be available  soon at CDBaby and on iTunes, and right here right now! (Orders made between April 22 and May 26 will be filled at the end of May) 


Salmagundi-A Tom Mason Anthology

Virtual Tip Jar - Donations

Because making a CD is an expensive proposition, we're also putting out what we're calling a "Virtual Tip Jar", a chance for you to help offset the costs and allow us to keep doing what we do. Any amount will help. Thanks!
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A Slide Guitar Christmas

"A Slide Guitar Christmas" is now available from the web site, either by sending a check to Tom Mason, P.O. Box #24456 Nashville, TN 37202 (1 @ $15, 2 @ $25, 5 @ $50, shipping included) or through our paypal account. (Because of touring, P.O. Box orders can't be filled between Dec 16 and 28, 2010, unless contact is made via e-mail. Paypal orders are fine during this period. ) 

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Tom Mason Alchemy - CD

 We're pleased and sorry to say that "Alchemy" is temporarily out of print, but the songs are still available for download at CDBaby and iTunes. We plan to re-press the CD complete with the 16 page lyric book in 2013.