You Can't See the Treasure Through the Trash

Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers
Tom Mason


From the CD "If You Want to be a Pirate: Songs for Young Buccaneers" 


You Can’t See the Treasure through the Trash

©Tom Mason, Gas Station Music, BMI


You can’t see the treasure through the trash

You can’t see the treasure through the trash

Whether it be by land or sea

You can’t see the treasure through the trash


Me crew and I we were sailing out on the ocean blue

Suddenly the deep dark sea became a garbage stew

There were bottle and cans and toxic sludge 

and a plethora of human debris

So we did our best to clean the mess 

to gaze at the beauty of the sea


We brought our shipload of detritus to dispose of on dry land

But as we neared the shore we only saw more rubbish on the beach’s sand

There was paper and plastic and styrofoam 

there where the swimmers should be

So we took out our rakes to correct the mistakes 

of messy humanity


So if you’re walking down the street or sailing out at sea

And you spot a bit of garbage where no garbage ought to be

Pick it up and deliver it to the place where the garbage should go

And me bucko, you’ll see   miraculously

A new crop of treasure will grow