The World is Drunk

Tom Mason
Tom Mason


Tom Mason: vocals, guitar, trombone Jen Gunderman: piano, accordion Jim Gray: bass Mark Horn: drums, percussion Martin Lynds: percussion, drums


THE WORLD IS DRUNK The world is drunk, take away the keys The world is drunk he'll soon be on his knees, He's picking lots of fights and he can't remember why There's trouble in the parking lot somebody's gonna die He's acting like a disrespectful punk The world is drunk The world is drunk and it's not a pleasant buzz He's threatening whatever peace there was He tasted it now he's going to drink the tavern dry And when the keg is empty the fists are gonna fly He even threw some punches at a monk The world is drunk He used to be so friendly we rarely had a spat He was always green and leafy When he stopped in for a chat But we hit him up for loans and we never paid him back How in the world is the world supposed to act? The world is drunk he needs to sleep it off Quick before he orders another quaff He's getting in the car and he’s drinking gasoline He's mortally disorderly he's acting really mean He even locked the driver in the trunk The world is drunk!! © 2009 Tom Mason Gas Station Music BMI