The World is Ablaze

Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers
Tom Mason


From the new CD "The World is Ablaze"


Your World is Ablaze


 A red moon is rising       on  the evening sea

A great Galleon burning         In a grand cacophony 

Behold the flaming timbers   crashing on the waves

Your mighty ship screams its way to a salty grave 



We’ll devastate your night    

Destroy the dark with light

Try as might you can’t avert your gaze

When your world is ablaze


You could have been more gracious 

when we offered you a chance

Mourn that fact as you sit back  And watch the fire dance

We’ll ship you to the netherworld   

    that from which you came

Watch your precious cargo          Going up in flames



She crept into my quarters   while I was at rest

Her flaming hair awoke me 

as it brushed against my chest

She spoke in a smoky voice  

Of a burning in her heart

I felt the heat and had no choice

But let that fire start