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Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers have been having a great year, and it's barely half over! We have a new CD out, our first written expressly with younger pirates in mind, entitled "If You Want to be a Pirate". (Details below and on our Store page.)

We played some wonderful Tall Ships Festivals in April and already booking more Tall Ships festivals in 2019. We played the Fells Point Festival in Baltimore for the first time and loved it,and I had a solo tour of England in Scotland in June.

We're looking forward to the Beaufort Pirate Invasion, the Pilgrimage Festival, and Panama City's Pirates of the High Seas Festival.  Here are some photos from Tall Ships Pensacola taken by John Lee and by Boudewijn, a crew member on the Danish

Tall Ship Oosterschelde. 










New CD!!

"If You Want to be a Pirate" 


We have a new CD, written with young pirates in mind, entitled 

"If You Want to be a Pirate".

We set out to write a kids CD that adults would appreciate, so it's full of humor, harmonies, stories, and solos, with all the mayhem and none of rum, murder, and sorrow that sometimes shows up in our songs. There are sing-alongs and dance moves, songs about a kraken, parrot, and an invisible crew (everyone needs one!), and a song or two about keeping the ocean and land clean.


It will soon be available for downloads in all the usual places, but you can order it here and now, and we'll include a sticker and tattoo when we mail it. 

If You Want to be a Pirate CD





A Musical Treasure Chest!!




 For those new to the Blue Buccaneers, we have a special deal! Buy all five Blue Buccaneers CD's (The Blue Buccaneer, A Pirate's Christmas, The World is Ablaze,  Pirate Party, and If You Want to Be a Pirate) for just $60!  ($70  outside the US).







Blue Buccaneers Treasure Chest: 5 CD's




Virtual Tip Jar


While we purport to be pirates, we seldom engage in actual criminal acts, and often survive be the generosity of others. With the advent of people streaming our music for next to nothing, it has become difficult to survive as artists. Here is your chance to invest in us, to be a patron of the arts, by means of a virtual tip jar. Thanks in advance!

Virtual Tips

A new year is upon us, and we're liking the looks of it!!

After some hometown shows in the Port of Nashville, we sailed to the oldest city in America for the Old City Pirate Festival in St Augustine. We had a brilliant time playing for the event this year and last, joined by fantastic pirate musicians, wonderful belly dancers, and some of the friendliest freebooters on earth.










Photo: Patience Becquet 



On February 3rd we ventured north to the Kentucky Pirate Festival in Louisville.  The all day event will featured plenty of pirate musicians, including our friends Drunk 'n Sailor, who've been teaching our song "In The Drink" to rum-diddy-rummies across the Bluegrass State and beyond, and we got to meet some other wonderful entertainers, including Band of Pirates and the Naughty Bits Side Show.  



Photo by David Vail


Photo by David Vail

Photo by David Vail




Our calendar is filling up with shows, including Tall Ships Festivals. Pirate Festivals, Music Festivals, and a summer tour of England and Europe, so watch the shows page for updates, or like us on facebook.






 Huzzah!! We had a most enjoyable 2017! 

Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers started the year out with the Old City Pirate Festival in St Augustine, Florida, America's oldest city, and we had a grand time. They've already asked us back in 2018, so mark your calendars for the last weekend in January. The solo tour of the UK in May went wonderfully, our trips to the midwest to play Door County, Eagle River, and the Minnesota State Fair were a gas, and the Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin Tennessee was more fun than ever. We ended the year with some Christmas shows,  and are finishing up work on a CD for young pirates, and starting work on our next.

A galleon of gratitude to you all!

photo Maria Shindeldecker

Photo Nate Dungan















The new CD "Pirate Party" is here! Pirate Party is the perfect soundtrack to, well, a Pirate Party, of course.  It features  five originals and eight old sea shanties that we've rearranged for our band and your dancing pleasure. "Blow The Man Down" gets dragged through a parade in New Orleans, a Bo Diddley-esque "Drunken Sailor" is perfect fodder for a mambo line, and "All For Me Grog" is a hard bluesy shuffle. It's the first appearance of "Talk Like a Pirate" on CD, we've re-recorded "In The Drink" and "Pirate Song (We'll All Go Down With The Ship)" and there are two new songs, "Pirate Polka" and "Pirate Party"



(Alex McCollough mastering our CD.) 

 Purchase Pirate Party here:

Pirate Party CD

A Pirate's Christmas in a Cave!!

We had a fantastic time playing our Pirate's Christmas show at Bluegrass Underground at the Cumberland Caverns in December. We're planning on touring the show in December of 2017, so keep watch me hearties!


Summer 2016

2016 has been so much fun!, and included stops at the Eclectic Music Festival in South Pasadena CA, Billy Bowlegs and Carrabelle Riverfront Fest in Florida, Tall Ships Festivals in Bay City, Michigan, Door County Wisconsin, and Erie, Pennsylvania, and six shows the weekend of Talk Like a Pirate Day, plus house concert tours and band shows on Lake Superior. 



Photo: Larry Beat



Holiday shows





Blue_Buccaneers___Tuba_Christmas_at_3rd___Lindsley_Greg_Ketteman_resized.jpg(Blue Buccaneers, Michael Webb, and Tuba Christmas at 3rd & Lindsley, photo: Greg Ketteman)


 The holiday season was wonderful, and The Blue Buccaneers had a great time performing with Supe and the Sandwiches and (unmasked) with the Ornaments. We're thrilled to announce that next December we'll be back at the cave for Bluegrass Underground, and we're starting to work on a national tour of "A Pirate's Christmas". 

Christmas CD's Special



photo: Deone Jahnke


Halloween was a blast! Thanks for all who came out to the Family Wash!


photo: Deone Jahnke




photo: Annie McCue



 We had a great Talk Like a Pirate Day (5 shows!!), followed by a fun performance at the brand new Pilgrimage Music Festival, and a fantastic fourth trip to the Pirates of the High Seas Festival in Panama City Beach Florida!  Here be a few shots from PCB by Dara Adams: 







Here be the song we made sure to sing at every raid on September 19th:




Here's the link to share:     https://youtu.be/U8_NlNSINbA


In other news:



Ahoy me hearties!! We’re back in America after taking “The World is Ablaze” to Australia, the Caribbean, and Great Britain, and here in the states. Thanks for your support, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!



The Blue Buccaneers at the Port Fairy Folk Festival

Sarah Busuttil, Tom Mason, Pete Pulkrabek, Silas Palmer, Billy Morrell   Photo: Tad Auty



 Photo: Tad Auty


 The Blue Buccaneers grew as we added crew and welcomed back old friends in our travels, and along the way we performed for wonderfully enthusiastic crowds from the outback to the highlands and from Yorkshire to the tropics.


Photo: Tad Auty


The Blue Buccaneers on the Golden Hind, Brixham UK Steve Ryan Liddle, Mikey Maclennan, and Tom Mason with Captain Blackheart of Brixham



The Blue Buccaneers at Sugar Bay, St Thomas, Virgin Islands Leandria Lott, Tom Mason Pete Pulkrabek, Jeff Thorneycroft


The Blue Buccaneers at The Filey Folk Festival, Yorkshire, England Sam Kitchen, Tom Mason Mikey Maclennan, Steve Liddle




 We were joined onstage at the Filey Folk Festival by the Ramshackle Shantymen and Monkey's Fist.




A Flock of Sparrows at the Brixham Pirate Festival!



   We're so grateful to all those who pledged during our PledgeMusic campaign to help get us here.   We love what we do (we'll spare you the woeful tales of failed transmissions, crowded hotel rooms of four pirates snoring, broken down rental cars, and scurvy), but in order to introduce our music to new audiences, we always need a little help. We don't have a record label giving us tour support (those days are long gone) but we do have an amazing community of fans and friends around the world, so we're hoisting our Jolly Roger to set sail!


   The shows in Australia were so much fun, and we recruited a few Australians and ex-pats to be Blue Buccaneers for some of the shows.  



Here are Blue Buccaneers Sarah Busuttil, Rick Plant, Tom, and Pete Pulkrabek on the Williamstown, Victoria docks.





Here are a few shots from a school show we did in Kyabram with Aussie Blue Buccaneer Sarah Busuttil: 










We're very excited about "The World is Ablaze". The new songs were written and arranged knowing that pirates sailed around the world and their crews were international, and the music would reflect that. There are songs suitable for twirling fire, belly dancing, and of course, hoisting the glass and singing along. We've added African drums, Indian tablas, and Scottish bagpipes to our music.   The cover was done by our mighty bass player and artist extraordinaire Jeff Thorneycroft.  You can listen to samples on our music page.